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Business Accounts in Adrian, MI

Take the headaches out of shipping

It's 4:30pm on a Friday and you still have dozens of packages to send out. How will you be able to make it through the lines before closing time? Having time-sensitive shipments sent out late to your customers is not a good way to start the weekend. We've all been there!

Let us help! Setting up a business credit account with Postal Plus allows you to skip waiting in lines and drop your packages off, worry free. We will handle the shipping and packaging on your behalf, that way you're able to continue with what you do best. Growing your business!


Every business credit account receives an automatic 10% OFF every service offered at Postal Plus! Eligible businesses are able to receive larger discounts based upon volume. Inquire about our business shipping and corporate shipping discounts and we will find a solution that best suits your needs.

Skip waiting in line to ship your packages! Simply drop them with a member of our team and we will see that they are mailed to the specified addressee according to your preferences. We will email you the receipt with tracking information following your transaction.

Our secure database retains all of your shipping data including the names and addresses of your customers, past shipment data, transaction history, and much more! Don't fret over keeping an address book or a stack of receipts. We will handle it all for you.

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